vMix For iPad – vMix Virtual Control Surface

How To Control vMix With An iPad

Recently I came across a really cool app that lets you control vMix with your iPad.

vMix For iPad – vMix Virtual Control Surface

I was watching one of the sessions of the Worship Summit Live seminar and Seth Haberman also known as “The Digital Pastor” demonstrated an app he has made that will control vMix from your iPad.

Seth is best known online as the Digital Pastor. Seth’s hometown is Spokane Washington but Seth is the pastor of Covenant Church in Moses Lake Washington. Seth is a leader in church production technology as well as a full-time school teacher at their Christian school.

You will enjoy Seth’s easy-going style and focus on keeping Christ the most important part of what we do.

vMix is a top-notch video editing and streaming software package that enables you to stream to up to 3 different locations at the same time. For instance, you can stream to Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope all at the same time.

They also have a limited free offer for churches to download the HD version of their software.

Seth’s app is called the vMix Virtual Control Surface and is available on Apple’s iStore. Here is the video I watched demonstrating what this software can do.

vMix Virtual Control Surface – A vMix App For iPad

What Does The vMix Virtual Control Surface Do?

This iPad app allows you to control your vMix software from an iPad which can be extremely handy because your video team is not tied to the video booth or sound booth. Instead, they can control the software from anywhere in the building.

  • The app has an intuitive video mixer display as well as an audio mixer display.
  • All of your inputs (cameras and audio feeds) are shown and you can see their names.
  • There are a total of 48 channels displayed.
  • It allows you to change your preview input (camera etc.) to make it ready to go live.
  • You can switch your overlays for lyrics, announcements, and other information you want to overlay on the screen.
  • It allows the use of macros.
  • It has manual fade capability, straight cut capability, and fade to black.
  • It has the ability to use your 4 preset transitions for your switches between inputs.

The Audio Mixer

  • Monitor the volumes of all your audio sources in real-time.
  • Easy to use volume control sliders
  • Mute those sources that are not being used.
  • Quickly mix your audio on the fly.

Final Thoughts On This vMix For iPad App

I personally am not an Apple user. I learned years ago on PC. However, I know that many of you are die-hard iPad fans. This solution is the best one on the market. I am sure that you will love using it. It is only 5 bucks at the Apple store. You can’t go wrong.

What I loved about this app is that it looks like an old-school video mixer with large icons as buttons giving you quick access to all your inputs and overlays.

I also loved the audio mixer. That is one area that I think vMix lags in. They need a more comprehensive audio mixer.

In the end, as a vMix user, I love the software and I love that they offer a free version to churches. The company has been great to work with and with the ability to live stream to multiple platforms, it is by far the most cost-effective way to live stream your church services.