Videoing Church Services: 10 Practical Tips

Many churches and ministries are looking for ways to reach more people in their community with the gospel. One way that can be done is through videoing church services. This blog post will offer 10 practical tips on how you can start videoing your church’s worship services today!

Our church has had a video team for several years now. We started out very primitive, using bare-bones equipment and doing the best we could with what was available to us. Today, our equipment is much better but it’s not too late to start today!

You can find all kinds of tips on this subject by simply typing “videoing church services” into your favorite search engine. However, here are 11 practical tips that have been helpful to us as we video our Sunday morning worship service:

Videoing Church Services: 10 Practical Tips

10 Practical Tips for Videoing Church Services

There is no “I” in Team

Be a team player. When you join the video ministry ask what equipment is available and who can teach you how to use it or mentor you as you learn. It’s hard to go it alone, so find others who are interested and willing to help!

Keep It Simple Saint

Start simple. You don’t need $5000 worth of equipment or a degree in video production. Start with something small like your smartphone camera or buy the cheapest camcorder available. The quality will be much better than just using your phone, but it doesn’t have to be professional quality either. You can upgrade your equipment as your video ministry increases.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Find ways to hide the equipment and yourself! If you’re just starting out with videoing church services one of the best things you can do is make it easy for people to forget that the service is being recorded. The most important thing in hiding or camouflaging your equipment is to keep it steady. Also, if you can set up a tripod or something else that will make sure the camera doesn’t move while recording then do it!

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

Plan your shots before going live during church services. This may seem obvious but many people don’t even think about planning their shot until they are already in the service. Take some time to practice with your equipment beforehand so you know how it works and what kinds of shots you can get while recording the church services.

How Can They Believe If They Have Not Heard?

Your video camera needs good audio! When we used our smartphones or cheap camcorders for shooting we always made sure that they have an external shotgun mic attached (or wireless mics) so we can capture the sound clearly. If it is possible, use your audio mixer for the sound. If people cannot hear what is being said then it’s just as useless as having a nice video camera in a dark room!

I Was Blind But Now I See

Experiment with angles and shots before you go live during church services. This may be more difficult depending on where you set up to record your service but try different angles, shots, and distances to learn what works best. If you’re not sure then ask someone in the church with experience for tips or advice on what they think may work well during services.

Trial And Error Is Your Friend

Watch your video before you share it. Ask the worship leader or pastor to preview your work and give you some feedback on what they’d like changed, fixed, etc. Be open to constructive criticism because that will make the final product better!

There Is Power, Power, Wonder Working Power

Make sure all of your equipment is charged up. Nothing worse than having a camera die in the middle of service because you forgot to plug it in the night before! Make sure everything is ready and charged up at least 30 minutes prior to going live during services.

But The Fruits Of Videoing Are…

Be flexible with your video. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control, such as people walking across in front of your camera or blocking what you want on the screen. Be patient and try to work around these obstacles.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t worry about perfection! Remember, you are just starting out so don’t get frustrated if the video isn’t perfect or your shots aren’t what you want them to be. You will improve with time and practice! And remember to have fun while learning something new too!

Videoing Church Services

Videoing church services is a great way to reach out and share the gospel with people who may not have heard it. This blog post has provided 10 practical tips that will help you start videoing your own service or just learn more about how to do it better. Remember, practice makes perfect so don’t be discouraged if things are imperfect at first! Keep up the good work in spreading this wonderful message of Jesus Christ through filming church services!