PTZOptics Vs Panasonic – Which Is Right For You?

PTZOptics Versus Panasonic

Are you in the market for a professional-grade pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera? Many professionals need to use PTZ cameras in modern times. You might need to use a PTZ camera in your church or you could need one for some type of remote surveillance. Either way, you’re going to want to ensure that you buy a PTZ camera that will perform well enough to meet your needs.

There are several fantastic PTZ cameras on the market, but PTZOptics and Panasonic are two of the market leaders. In this article, you will be able to compare and contrast PTZOptics with Panasonic so that you can make a choice between the two. Both of these companies offer stellar PTZ cameras, but one of them might be better than the other for you. Once you’ve read all of the information, it’ll be up to you to make a decision.

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PTZOptics Vs Panasonic – Which Is Right For You?

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PTZOptics offers great cameras that are going to perform well in a professional setting. These PTZ cameras are capable of shooting full HD video at 1080p while maintaining 60FPS. You’re also going to get good performance out of these cameras in low-light situations. When the camera is moving, you won’t have to worry too much about noise due to the included low noise CMOS sensor.

Setting up the PTZOptics camera is decidedly simple, too. You should be able to get this camera up and running in around 10 minutes. It’s easy to get your new PTZOptics camera working with your smartphone, and the barrier of entry is low compared to many other brands. Thankfully, you still do have more advanced control options available to you if you need to control the camera as intuitively as possible.

You can get this camera set up on a Mac or PC without it being a hassle. Many people like to control these cameras using an IP joystick controller or a serial joystick controller. It works very well, and you’re going to be impressed with the 12x zoom capabilities of the standard SDI model. If you’re looking for a cost-effective camera to use for professional purposes, then this will work nicely for you.


Panasonic has been making good cameras for a long time, and this PTZ camera is no exception. The video quality of the Panasonic PTZ camera is nice, and you’re going to be able to get full 1080p video at 60 frames per second. This camera has HDMI video output, and you can also use IP/network when you’re looking for single cable delivery options. The video looks very smooth overall, and you’re going to be impressed with the type of footage that you can get from this camera.

One of the best aspects of buying the Panasonic camera is going to be the zoom. It comes with 22x zoom right out of the gate, and this will give you the ability to get amazing close-up shots. This is a lot better than the 12x zoom that you get from the standard PTZOptics camera, but you can buy a PTZOptics camera with 20x or 30x zoom at a slightly increased cost.

You’ll find that this is a fairly lightweight camera that is easy to install where you need it to be. It has a pan range of 175 degrees and can tilt from -30 degrees to 90 degrees. This camera is very responsive and it can pan and tilt fast to get the shots that you need. The maximum speed is 90 degrees per second, and it responds fast to your remote inputs.

You can easily make this camera “blend in” to the environment if you’re placing these in a professional setting. They come in pearl white and black matte, and you can choose whichever option will blend in the best. It makes these cameras very suitable for boardrooms, schools, churches, and many other places. If you’re looking for cameras that won’t stick out too much, then these will fit the bill.

Controlling this camera is designed to be simple so that anyone will be able to learn how to use it. You can access a built-in web interface so that you can monitor and control your cameras. If you want more control, then you can also use third-party control systems along with switchers, AV control systems, and other such things. This camera works well and it’s suitable for several tasks.

PTZOptics vs. Panasonic

It’s time to dig into PTZOptics vs. Panasonic to determine which option is better. Determining an ultimate winner is somewhat tough in this situation, but PTZOptics probably has the more appealing features overall. This is especially true when you consider that the Panasonic camera costs more money. You can save money and get a camera with more advanced features if you go with PTZOptics.

One of the biggest reasons to consider PTZOptics is that the camera can operate while remaining quiet. The noise-reduction capabilities of the camera allow you to control the camera without creating a distraction. The Panasonic camera isn’t overly loud, but it doesn’t have the same whisper-quiet operation as the PTZOptics camera. If discretion is important to what you’re doing, then PTZOptics is ideal.

PTZOptics also makes their cameras with advanced control in mind. You can use PTZOptics cameras along with advanced software and joystick peripherals. This gives you a level of precise control that might be hard to achieve with the Panasonic camera. Of course, you would need to buy a PTZ joystick separately with your PTZOptics camera.

Both cameras work well and you can install each of them easily. They both get good wide-angle shots, and both are even good at capturing footage in low-light situations. They’re comparable in many ways, but some of the features of the PTZoptics help it to stand out. The Panasonic camera does have 22x zoom, but you could choose to buy the PTZoptics camera that has 30x zoom at a lower price than the Panasonic camera.

You’ll have a good experience no matter which camera you decide to buy. The PTZoptics camera might give you more value, but the Panasonic camera is no slouch. Both will work well to help you capture great footage, and you’ll even have a simple time setting them up since the companies put so much effort into making things user-friendly.