PTZ Cameras & Quality – Are These 15 Brands Good For Live Streaming?

Quality is a high priority for many people when choosing a camera. If you’re looking to buy a PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) camera, then you’ll want to make sure that the quality lives up to your expectations. This blog post will help guide you through 15 of the most respected brands in this area.

What Makes A Good PTZ Camera?

PTZ Cameras & Quality – Are These 15 Brands Good For Live Streaming?

PTZ cameras are available in many shapes and sizes, so it is important to consider what you will actually be using the camera for. When using them to broadcast live streams, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

You’ll want to make sure the camera has a good resolution. If possible, try and find out what kind of lens it uses (this will give some insight into its quality). The size of the sensor will also affect the image quality.

The type of camera control system that the camera uses will determine how you can control it. Some cameras use RS485 or Ethernet, while others offer wireless connectivity options. The more controllable aspects of a PTZ camera, the better – at least in terms of your ability to create quality live streams!

The warranty of a PTZ camera is important as well. If you find one with an extended warranty, it might be worth the extra money to know that your purchase will remain protected for longer.

PTZ Camera Brands Rated

I am going to make this list in alphabetical order rather than best to worst. The opinions expressed are my own and are meant to help you in your decision. I have been in this industry now 6 years. I believe I have a decent handle on what is excellent and what is mediocre.

Are AIDA PTZ Cameras Good?


AIDA Imaging is a California company specializing in cameras and accessories. Their PTZ camera line consists of 12x and 20x PTZ cameras, many of which are suitable for live streaming purposes.

AIDA cameras use HD resolution sensors with powerful optical zoom lenses to ensure clear pictures at long ranges – this makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking for a PTZ camera with good image quality.

AIDA cameras use RS485 and/or Ethernet connectivity, which makes them easy to integrate into most control systems. As far as warranties go, AIDA offers the standard two-year warranty on their products – not outstanding but also nothing too concerning either.

Aida Cameras are not bad. They will work well for a church or business that wants to live stream. But I would not call them top of the line or excellent. Just good. 3 stars.

Are AVer PTZ Cameras Good?


AVer, a US company specializing in visual collaboration technology and services. AVer offers 10 PTZ cameras that can be used for all sorts of purposes – including live streaming!

AVer has won numerous awards such as InfoComm International’s 2016 Video Collaboration Product of the Year award and Tech & Learning Magazine’s 2015 Best New Products Award.

AVer cameras are controlled by RS232, Ethernet, and the company’s own AVerVision control system. This makes them easy to integrate into other systems – an excellent feature if you’re looking for a PTZ camera that will play nice with your existing infrastructure.

All of AVer’s products come with three-year warranties, which should give you some peace of mind when considering a purchase.

I am going to rate AVer a little better than good. They offer quality products and reasonable prices even for their auto-tracking cameras. Overall my customers have had a good experience with them. 3.5 stars

Are Avipas PTZ Cameras Good?


Avipas was founded in 2014 with the intention of providing cutting-edge technology for professionals in audiovisual conferencing, broadcasting, education, security, and surveillance.

Avipas offers a number of PTZ cameras, encoders, and decoders that can be used for live streaming purposes. The company prides itself on providing innovative technology that can help professionals excel in their fields.

Avipas cameras are controlled by Ethernet and RS485, which means they’ll integrate easily with most control systems (including PTZ tracking software). The company’s warranty policy is also worth mentioning – all of their products come with a two-year limited warranty.

Avipas cameras and other products are competitively priced, making them a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable PTZ camera. When buying an AVipas PTZ camera you need to remember that you are buying a budget camera. The quality is not as good as mid-tier or top-of-the-line cameras. As such, they are a decent camera but not professional or studio-grade. I give them 2.5 stars.

Are Birddog Eyes PTZ Cameras Good?


BirdDog was founded in 2013 with the goal of creating innovative, high-quality PTZ cameras.

They use a number of different technologies to power their PTZ cameras, including NDI®, which makes the company unique.

BirdDog currently manufactures and sells six different models of robotic Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras embedded with NDI® technology. The sale of these cameras currently represents over 60% of BirdDog’s revenue, with each camera ranging in price between RRP USD$1595 to $7595.

BirdDog cameras are controlled by Ethernet and RS485, which makes them easy to integrate into most control systems. Furthermore, they come with a two-year warranty on all of their products.

BirdDog’s camera quality varies in range from a mid-tier camera to a production-grade camera. They are great cameras. I would give them 4 stars.

Are Canon PTZ Cameras Good?


Canon is a leader in the world of photography, and their PTZ cameras are no different.

Canon offers a range of PTZ cameras that can be used for all sorts of purposes – including live streaming! They have 6 PTZ models that range in price between $2700 and $22,000.

Canon camera technology is constantly evolving – they were the first company to introduce a 1080p PTZ camera back in 2011! Furthermore, their latest models can even be used for live streaming at resolutions up to 4096 x 2048 pixels (at 30 fps)!

Their cameras are controlled by RS232, Ethernet, or IP – they integrate easily with most control systems.

If you’re looking for a PTZ camera that’s great at live streaming and can be integrated into existing infrastructure without much hassle, Canon is the way to go! I would give them a solid 4.5 stars.

Are HuddleCamHD PTZ Cameras Good?


HuddleCamHD is based in the United States and is a leading developer of USB PTZ cameras. They offer an extensive range of pan & tilt webcams that are great for live streaming – as well as other purposes!

HuddleCamHD offers several PTZ camera models that range in price between $300 and $3,000 They are competitively priced, making them a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable pan & tilt webcam.

Most Of HuddleCamHD’s PTZ cameras are USB and designed primarily as conference cameras rather than for live streaming events. They leave that to their sister company, PTZOptics which is discussed below. However, they do have a wonderful auto-tracking camera called the SimplTrack2 that works well for live streaming.

HuddleCamHD has a 2-year warranty on all their wired PTZ cameras.

HuddleCamHD PTZ cameras are great if you’re looking for a camera that’s easy to use, has decent video quality, and is competitively priced. I would give them around three stars.

Are JVC PTZ Cameras Good?


JVC is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated audio and video products that use superior technologies to deliver high-quality sound and images.

They offer an extensive line of professional equipment for the broadcast, entertainment, installation & education, sports production & event presentation markets. This includes studio cameras, professional camcorders with HD lenses, ruggedized handhelds, and more.

JVC PTZ cameras are primarily designed for professional use in studios and production facilities. They offer a range of different models that vary in price from $1800 to $3000!

JVC has a great reputation in the broadcast industry but its market share in the PTZ camera market is small. I have not heard any reports good or bad concerning JVC. So going by reputation and price, I give them 3.5 stars.

Are Logitech PTZ Cameras Any Good?


Logitech is a Swiss company focused on innovation and quality, designing products that have an everyday place in people’s lives. Founded in 1981 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech started connecting people through innovative computer peripherals and many industry firsts – including the infrared cordless mouse, the thumb-operated trackball, laser mice & more.

Logitech PTZ cameras are primarily designed for business users and integrators – not live streaming events! They offer a couple of models of PTZ cameras basically designed for web conferencing. I would not use them for live streaming. In fact, I don’t recommend them at all. Basically, they are a glorified webcam. Rating – 2 stars

Are Lumens PTZ Cameras Good?


Lumens is a leader in optical products. They produce portable document cameras, desktop document cameras, ceiling document cameras, and more for education, training & professional markets around the world.

They offer an extensive line of PTZ cameras – 7 PTZ models and 1 auto-tracking model. They range in price from $900 to $4500.

Lumens has a good reputation and their PTZ cameras are designed for broadcasting live-streaming events! If you’re looking for A PTZ camera that will rival Panasonic, Canon, and Sony, Lumens is the company to go with. They offer one of the best warranties at five years on their PTZ cameras. And, they offer a training course for free! Rating – Five stars!

Are Marshall Electronics PTZ Cameras Good?


Marshall Electronics, Inc. is a privately owned American company with four distinct operating units: Marshall Broadcast & AV, Marshall Optical Systems (MOS), MXL Microphones, and Mogami Cable & Connectors.

They offer an extensive line of PTZ cameras – 15 to be exact! They range in price from $500 to $4500; with most cameras falling in the $1000 to $2000 range.

Marshall has a good reputation and their PTZ cameras are designed for broadcasting live-streaming events! They offer a warranty of one year on their PTZ camera models.

As much as I love that they are an American company and have been in business for a long time, they do not have a large market share of the PTZ camera market and so I do not have a lot of first-hand knowledge of how good they actually are. So I will give them a rating of 3 stars. The short warranty concerns me for a mid-tier camera producer.

Are NewTek PTZ Cameras Good?


NewTek is a technology company that creates products and services for the media market. They offer live production hardware, post-production tools & plugins, management software & cloud streaming solutions, including much sought after video switchers such as TriCaster™ Mini which has been used by major sports networks such as ESPN and NBC Sports to produce their live events.

NewTek is a market leader in video production and live streaming solutions. They offer two PTZ cameras. Their reputation with producing high-quality products including their NewTek branded PTZ camera, the PTZ2.

These are good cameras but I wouldn’t call them production quality. They integrate well with their total live streaming package and with other systems as well, but the actual picture quality is no better than other mid-tier manufacturers. I give them 3.5 stars.

Are Panasonic PTZ Cameras Good?


Panasonic PTZ Cameras are some of the best on the market! Panasonic offers a wide variety of PTZ cameras – from conference room to theater, live-event broadcasts to reality TV show production, and esports to lecture capture.

Panasonic has been in the PTZ camera market for over a decade and they know what they’re doing! They offer innovations that our professional customers need for their video productions today and into the future.

They offer an extensive feature set suited to meet your various application needs. Panasonic PTZ cameras have an excellent reputation with high-quality products! With 25 PTZ cameras to choose from ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 in price, you can’t go wrong!

I cannot recommend Panasonic PTZ cameras enough. If you want quality, then this is the way to go. 5 stars!

Are PTZOptics PTZ Cameras Good?


PTZOptics is one of my favorite mid-tier camera manufacturers! They offer an extensive line of PTZ cameras – 16 PTZ models.

PTZOptics disrupted the professional audiovisual industry when a group of engineers from a highly-respected systems integration firm created the first in a portfolio of cameras that was part of their vision to create a “swiss army knife” for the complex needs of broadcast landscapes.

Being headquartered in Downingtown, Pa., the start-up quickly eclipsed some of the biggest brands in the growing PTZ camera category.

PTZOptics offers a warranty of five years on their cameras! They also offer free training to help you get up and running with their cameras as quickly as possible.

I can’t recommend PTZOptics enough! I have a PTZOptics 30x SDI in my own church. They offer an extensive feature set and the quality of their products is great – especially compared to other mid-tier manufacturers. Their support, ease of use, warranty, and customer service are all top-notch. I give them a rating of four stars!!!

Are Sony PTZ Cameras Good?


Sony PTZ cameras are excellent! Sony is a global manufacturer of professional and consumer electronics products for video, audio, mobile entertainment, and enterprise solutions with operations around the world. Their PTZ cameras range from $1,500 to nearly $8,500 so there’s something for everyone!

Sony has a great reputation for quality products. They offer an extensive feature set that is perfect for a wide range of applications.

They have a limited 2-year warranty, which is a bit shorter than some of the other manufacturers, but they offer excellent customer service and technical support.

Overall, I would give Sony PTZ cameras a rating of four and a half stars! They are an excellent choice for your next PTZ camera purchase!

Are Vaddio PTZ Cameras Good?


Vaddio is a market leader in PTZ camera technology and they offer some of the best PTZ cameras on the market! They have a wide variety of PTZ cameras to choose from that will fit any budget.

Their parent company, Legrand | AV, is a global leader in AV solutions for creative enterprises. Vaddio’s PTZ camera solutions are an extension of their creative vision.

Vaddio offers a service package that covers everything from installation to training, warranty, customer support, and more!

Vaddio has over 50 PTZ cameras ranging from around $1,700 to over $6,000!

I have not personally had the opportunity to test Vaddio PTZ cameras but I have heard good things from those who have. 4.5 stars.


In this blog post, we have looked at fifteen different PTZ camera manufacturers and have given them each a rating. Panasonic is the clear winner with five stars, Sony with four and a half stars followed by PTZOptics with four stars, and. Vaddio is also a great choice for your next PTZ camera purchase – they offer some of the best PTZ cameras on the market!

If you’re in the market for a PTZ camera, then I highly recommend checking out these fifteen brands! They all offer excellent products that will suit your various application needs. Thank you for reading!

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