Deciding Between A Projector Vs. Flat Screen For Church

Projector vs. flat screen for church?

This is the question many churches face when upgrading or installing a video projection system. Which is better for our church?

This is not always the most straightforward question to answer because many variables would lead you in one direction or another. In this article, I will attempt to help you think through your decision, so you can make the best decision possible between a projector or flat-screen TV for your church.

At my church, we have recently purchased a new projector to replace our antique, and we have started using a flat-screen monitor in our multi-purpose room. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Deciding Between A Projector Vs. Flat Screen For Church

Projector Vs. Flat Screen For Church

Advantages Of Flat Screen TV’s Or Monitors

With the drop in the price of flat-screen TVs and their ability to display in high definition or ultra-high definition, they have become a viable option for small to medium size churches.

The advantages are compelling.

  • Sharper picture than a projection system.
  • Lower cost than a projection system.
  • Lower maintenance costs. You do not have to replace bulbs or clean filters.

Disadvantages Of A Flat Screen

However, there are some genuine considerations that you need to take into account before you rush out and buy a flat-screen for your church.

Flat screens need a more direct viewing angle. It is harder to see a flat-screen when you are looking at it from more than a 30-degree angle. If you have a room that is wider than it is deep, you may have to purchase two flat screens where you could get by with one projector and screen.

Depending on your lighting, especially outdoor light coming in through the windows, you might encounter a glaring problem. This is caused by the glossy finish that is on most consumer model flat-screen TVs.

If your sanctuary is more extended than it is wide, then size might be an issue. The cost of flat screens starts to rise exponentially as they increase in size.

Finally, you need to consider the fragility of a flat-screen. If you worship in a room that is also used for sports, kids ministry, or other activities, then consider that the screen cannot take being hit by an object.

Also if you are a church plant or portable church and are setting up and tearing down every Sunday, then consider how massive a flat-screen is and how much more risk there is for it to be damaged during setting up or tearing down or during transport.

Advantages Of A Projector

For medium to large size churches, the benefits of a projector system can make much sense. For instance…..

  • More bang for your buck. If you need a larger screen size, the cost of a projector is less.
  • There are no issues with glare. You might have some problems with clarity and brightness due to room lighting, however no glaring problem.
  • A projector and screen have a larger viewing angle. People sitting at an angle from the screen can still see the screen.
  • It is much more durable, and it is easier to set up and tear down. You don’t have to worry about breakage.
  • It is easier to transport for church plants and portable churches.

Disadvantages Of A Projector

flat screen vs projector screen
  • The cost of a projection system is higher than a flat-screen. However, as your need for screen size increases, this difference is eliminated, and a projection system becomes the most cost-effective.
  • Projectors need maintenance. Filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and bulbs usually need to be replaced after 5,000 hours. Bulb costs can be surprisingly high.
  • Projectors lose image quality. You do not get as clear of a picture with a projector vs. a flat screen. As the image is projected from the projector to the screen, the pixels are enlarged. Depending on how far the projector is from the screen, this can be quite a bit.

So as you can see, there is no hard and fast rule as to which is better, a projector vs. flat screen for a church. You have to evaluate what will work best for you. However, I do hope that this article helped put this issue in perspective for you and helped you to make the best decision.

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