How to Market Your Church Video Production

Marketing A Church Video

Once you have a video for your church that showcases the life of your congregation, your service projects, and what you are involved in, then you need to make sure that everyone gets to see it.

While showing the video at events inside the church is a great way for church members to enjoy it, sharing the video with people outside of the church is a wonderful way to reach out to non-members.

How to Market Your Church Video Production

If you have been wondering how you are going to market your video to people outside of the church without overspending, then you need to consider free outlets.

How do you market your church video production? Outlets such as posting the video on social media accounts, on the church website, and even on video distribution sites are all great options.

Turn to Your Social Media Accounts

Most churches have social media accounts that they use, not only to share what the church is up to, but to update members and non-members about events going on inside the church. While these sites are a wonderful way to update regarding closures and special services, if you aren’t using these accounts to reach out to members and non-members and show your videos, then you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity.

Any social media website, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, make it easy to share videos with visitors. They’re easy to upload, and since people can comment on the video, this is a great way to open a dialogue about what the church is up to.

Some of these sites may have limits on how long your video can be when uploading it, so it’s important to consider this before getting frustrated. However, even if you are unable to upload the entire video, such as on Twitter, you can easily link to where people can watch it on another platform.

As long as you make it easy for people visiting your social media accounts to find and to play the video, this is one of the best free ways to reach out to people. Churches that have a social media manager on staff will find that they have an even easier time keeping videos updated.

Update the Church Website

Many churches set up a website with great intentions of updating it on a regular basis and then simply never do. This is a huge loss, as an updated website is a great way to communicate with people and a wonderful marketing tool for churches that are looking to grow their membership.

Anytime there are major changes in the church, it is a good idea to update the website. This includes staff changes, service changes, and information about upcoming events or service projects. Churches also need to make sure that they take the time to update the website when they have a new video.

Putting the video on the main page of the website is the best way to ensure that people see it and take the time to view it when they visit the church website. While it can be tempting to tuck a video away on a secondary page, churches need to be proud of the work that they did on their video and be willing to show it off.

At a later time, or when there is a new video to take its place, the first video can be moved to a secondary page on the site. This allows visitors to the webpage to still find the video and view it, if desired.

To draw traffic to the website, it’s a good idea to link to it through social media accounts. This is an especially good idea for churches that have Twitter accounts. Since these accounts can’t be used to post full-length videos, they are a great way to post a link and push traffic to the website. Many churches find that by advertising their videos and linking them to their website that they can get more views on their video.

Use Video Distribution Sites

Finally, churches need to take advantage of video distribution sites when they want people to see their videos. A great video is a wonderful way to bring a church to life and to humanize it, but the video will go unseen if people don’t visit the church’s website or social media accounts. Rather than taking time to upload your video to your social media accounts and your website and waiting for views, you can go one step farther to take control.

Video distribution sites are a great way to get your video in front of a lot of people in very little time. Not only will these services upload your video for you and broadcast them to a variety of sites, but they also often offer metrics.

These metrics are ideal for any church that is interested in tracking the success and views on their videos so that they can follow it up with another great video. It’s important, when considering a video distribution site, that you make sure to opt for one that offers the features that you need so that you can track your video’s popularity and ensure that you have control over your video.

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It’s a shame to allow a video that your church worked hard on to go without being seen, which is why churches need to make sure to spend some time putting their videos out where members and non-members alike can view them. Celebrating the video with staff and congregants is important, but these videos are a wonderful way to introduce people to the church and make them feel more comfortable about coming to a service.

By spending time updating your social media accounts, refreshing the church website with every new video that is created, and taking advantage of video distribution sites, your church can get its new video in front of as many people as possible. This ensures that you are able to reach people in the community and help bring them in the doors of your church.