How To Make Church Video Announcements

So, you want to start making video announcements for your church, but you’re unsure of where to start. There are several essential elements you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to getting set up correctly to make great videos and show your church in the brightest light.

Those items will include a camera, a computer, and some essential accessories for your camera to make sure it is well taken care of and the filming process is more straightforward. You’ll also need decent software for editing, various items for whatever the environment is you are looking to create for your video, and items to make sure the audio is clean and clear.

How To Make Church Video Announcements

This article will also discuss the very basics of how to make church video announcements once you have all the equipment you need.

Experience will allow you to create videos of higher and higher quality, drawing in the eyes and ears of people from your congregation and those who might be considering joining.

Equipment Required To Make Church Video Announcements


It doesn’t take a top-notch camera to record a short video, but there’s no denying that investing in a high-quality camera will allow you to create a high-quality video.

If there is no room in the budget for a camera, then a cell phone camera can be used, but it won’t allow for the most optimal video.


A computer with a decent hard drive and graphics card is going to be very useful in the endeavor of making your announcement videos. You’re going to need to be able to edit the videos, add music to them if you wish, and splice together scenes with ease. A computer will also be fundamental for getting your video out to the public.

It would be wise to post your video on the church website as well as a social media account if your church has one. This way, people will be able to revisit or find the announcements you’ve posted.

For new people, this may draw them to want to learn more about the ministries of the church. For those who are already part of the congregation, it will allow them to remind themselves what days and times specific events take place so that they can plan to attend.


There are going to be some accessories that will be useful, mainly if you do have or decide on a higher quality video camera to record the video announcements with.

A couple of these accessories are simple, for example, a case to keep your camera protected when it is not in use. A tripod is also going to be immensely useful as it allows the camera to remain steady for a professional-looking shot.

You may also want an extra SD card to make sure you have plenty of storage space for your videos. Should you feel like getting fancy, there are also special camera lenses available that add a genuine film look to your video.

Finally, if you plan on moving the camera often, you may need a camera slider or other device which allows the camera to move smoothly without any bouncing or jerking.


Quality editing software is going to be vital for being able to edit your videos and get them looking top notch. There are several in existence today that you can use regardless of what brand of computer you have.

For Apple users, iMovie is an excellent option while for Windows computers there is Movie Maker. Either brand can also use Adobe film editing products.

These are going to be fundamental for adding those finishing touches to your video and give it a finished look. If you’re going to take the time to make an announcement video, you’re going to want it to look good and portray your church professionally and enjoyably. It’s highly unlikely to achieve that level of quality without editing.


Depending on the kind of videos you want to make, you may need to purchase a few things to set the scene. The essential item would be a black background.

This will keep any distractions from happening behind the subject of your video. It’s also a great starting point towards eventually creating more intricate backgrounds.

You may also want to get some proper lighting. For that, you can use softboxes, construction lighting, or lighting stands to make sure your scene is lit up perfectly.

At first, it may be a good idea to keep it simple and gain mastery over the basics of the video-making process before trying to add in more details to the background or edits.

A few key things to keep in mind will be to make sure the shot is clean.

You’ll want your microphones to be close enough to the subject of the scene to catch the audio easily without causing any crowding. Microphones should be kept just off to the side of the camera view.

Image of a boy screaming into a microphone


Since you’re making an announcement video, you’ll probably want your viewers actually to be able to hear the announcements.

While most cameras do have an audio aspect to them, they may not capture the audio as clearly as they do with the video itself.

To help cover for this, you may want to use microphones to improve the voice of your subject carry as well as an audio recorder that will be able to capture the sound brightly and crisply.

The audio recorder will be necessary because the camera by itself may not pick up the sound in as clean a manner as you would want. If the camera is usually fully capable of picking up the sound, then the audio recorder will provide great backup just in case something goes wrong. If not, you will be able to exchange the audio caught by the camera with that from the audio recorder as part of the editing process. That way, your video will not only look great but sound great as well.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Church Video Announcements

Once you have all your supplies, it’s time to move on to making the video. Start by writing down the announcements you want to make and follow it up by brainstorming some ideas about how those messages can be portrayed memorably and excitingly.

If you need to, write out a script for the individuals who will be performing in the video and allow them to practice and memorize it. This will be important for allowing the dialogue to sound natural.

After you’ve reached a point where you are satisfied with everything that has been filmed, it’s time to start editing.

You can add music or sound effects, make adjustments including cutting sections out or replacing them with other scenes, almost anything your heart desires. If the camera hasn’t caught the sound as well as you’d like, you may want to cut out audio from the camera and replace it with the audio captured by the audio recorder.

Once you have your final product, show it off!

That might mean playing it just before a sermon or adding it to your church website or social media. No matter where it is, it’ll be sure to draw the attention you set out to capture when making your church video announcements.

I hope that this brief tutorial has helped you get started on how to make church video announcements.

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