How Much Does Video Production Cost?

What Does It Cost To Produce A Video

Any church looking to have a video produced for their website, for a youth gathering, or for promotional materials knows that they need to be careful when considering their budget. If a church doesn’t have a member who can handle video production for them, then they need to work with an outside company that can meet their needs.

Due to budget reasons, churches need to know how much they need to set aside for these production costs before they start searching for the perfect video production company.

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

What Does It Cost To Produce A Video?

While it can be hard to come up with a firm estimate of this cost, most companies charge between $500 and $1200 per minute of the finished video.

The Time

How a company charges for a video will vary depending not only on the company but also on the type of video that they will be making. There are some companies that charge an hourly rate for all of the work that it will take them to prepare, shoot, and edit the video. Other companies set prices based on how long the video will be when it is finished.

What businesses and churches need to remember when they are looking for someone to produce a video for them, is that the company has to consider not only what their pre-production costs will be, but also their gear costs and what it will take them to edit the video.

When hiring a company that charges by the day, make sure to strongly consider how long you are actually going to need the company. Many times churches and businesses will hire a production company for a half-day and think that they will get a better deal by doing so. This can often backfire, as companies will charge more for a half-day rate. Their reasoning is that they won’t then be able to book a second job in the afternoon, and they need to make up for that wasted time.

The turnaround time that you demand for your video will also play a role in how much it costs. It’s much better to plan ahead when you are going to have a video made. Any last-minute work or short deadlines can add to the final cost of your video production.

Video Type

Video type also plays a huge role in the cost of video production. It’s important for any company looking to hire a video production company to be clear about what they want from the video and what type of video they desire.

Animated videos are obviously going to require a professional animator. This type of video needs different professionals with varying skills to not only design the video but also to create it and then edit it before it is finished. Finding these professionals and then hiring them can greatly increase the overall cost of your video production.

On the other hand, creating a video that either features actors or normal staff and congregants from your church will be much less expensive. While there are still associated costs for the design of the video and the editing of the footage, you don’t need a professional animator.

While many businesses or churches have a great idea for their video and think that animation is the way to go, assuming that it may be less expensive, this is not usually the case. It’s important to talk to the video production company about the costs of production and the price for different types of video.

Crew and Equipment

One of the largest costs when hiring professionals for video production is the crew, but the equipment comes in a close second. Production rates can vary widely based on who is available in a certain area to work on a video project, which means that some companies may charge significantly more for their crew hiring.

This is especially true if you need a specific crew member who is highly specialized, as they are able to charge more. An animator is a good example of this type of crew member, as is a professional sound technician.

Most of the time, video production relies on not only a director of photography, but also an editor who can finalize the video, a sound technician, and even a grip or gaffer. Other professionals that you may need to hire include a drone operator and actors, depending on the type of video being made.

Along with the crew, equipment will add to the final cost of video production. Even if a company doesn’t need to rent their equipment, they will charge for its use, as they need to guard against wear and tear and be able to afford new equipment in the future, if necessary.

While these expenses are usually included as part of the day rate, the addition of any other equipment will result in higher video production costs. Some examples include specialized cameras, as well as drones.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors that affect how much you will have to pay for professional video production, which can make it difficult to determine how much money you need to have set aside in the budget for this job. While this can be overwhelming, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are prepared.

Make sure to plan out what you want your video to accomplish and the type of video that you desire. If you have a script that you want to follow, then you can easily cut some of the costs associated with video production.

It’s also important to plan to shoot and edit your video well before you need it completed so that you don’t incur rush charges.

Since video production costs include overhead, creative editing, and project management, it makes sense that they are going to be a bit higher than you may expect. Budgeting for around $1000 per minute of your video is a good start.

It’s smart to ask the video production company that you are going to work with if they charge by the minute of video or by the day, as this can help you save some money. Some companies will charge around $3000 to $5000 for a day of shooting, which can be more cost-effective in some situations.