What Does a Church Video License Cost?

Understanding The Cost Of Church Video Licenses

What does a church video license cost? The cost of the license depends on several factors, including the size of the church and the type of license. Licenses for smaller churches cost less.

Churches may also choose between annual licenses and event licenses. Event licenses are good for one event, while the annual licenses provide unlimited coverage.

What Does a Church Video License Cost?

The Video License Pricing Depends on the Size of the Church

A church video license can cost between $85 and $760, depending on the size of the church and the type of license.

There are two licensing packages. With the Family Values Producer Package, churches receive permission to play copyrighted work from a large selection of Christian and family-friendly studios.

The Family Values package is the perfect choice for churches that do not play secular content. If you just want faith-based films and documentaries, the Family Values package includes the licensing that you require. It is also less expensive than the second package.

The second option is the Total Producer Package. It provides permission to play copyrighted material from every major Hollywood studio. Almost every movie released is included in this package.

The Total Producer Packages cost more, as they provide access to many more films. However, if you want to illustrate a specific point during a sermon by playing a popular blockbuster film, this is the package that you need.

There are also two types of licenses. An annual license provides continuous coverage throughout the year. It is renewed annually at the set price.

Churches may also purchase an event license. The event license is good for one use. For example, if you are holding a special movie night as a one-time event, you can purchase an event license. These licenses are less expensive than the annual licenses, as they are only used for a single event.

The next factor that impacts the price is the size of the church. The annual and event licenses are categorized based on the number of viewers. Category “A” covers churches that have up to 99 members.

An annual Family Values Package for a category A church costs $90 per year. Churches with 100 to 199 members need the category B license, which costs $135 per year. For a Total Producers package, these licenses cost $240.

Unfortunately, the Family Values Package is not available for individual events or churches with more than 200 members.

The Total Producers Packages start at $240 and reach $760 per year for churches with 1500 to 2999 members. For individual events, the Total Producers Packages range between $85 and $265.

Church Video Licenses Protect Against Expensive Fines

Why do you need a church video license? There are several reasons that a church may choose to play a movie or a clip from a movie. Your church may want to show a film in Sunday school, using the films for entertainment or education.

Films may also be used to illustrate a point during a sermon. Some churches hold movie nights. However, these actions may be illegal if the movie is copyrighted.

Unless you are showing a public domain film, there is a good chance that the content is protected against public performances.

The Federal Copyright Act was enacted in 1976 and includes laws that protect studios and producers from copyright infringement. Showing a movie without permission at your church may violate the copyright act, which can result in major fines.

If your church is found guilty of violating the act, you may face fines of up to $150,000. Luckily, the Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI) organization has made it easy to avoid these fines.

When you purchase a church video license, you gain permission to show copyrighted films at church. You can play the entire film or use short clips. You can play movies for movie night or use them during sermons.

The CVLI was created through a partnership between the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) and Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). The license includes coverage for motion pictures from every major studio.

While there is a low chance of a church getting penalized for playing copyrighted material without a license, licensing is required. Obtaining a church video license is the right thing to do. There are already more than 60,000 organizations in North America using these licenses.

Your Church May Also Require a CCLI License for Music

Besides video, many churches include copyrighted music in their services. Whether you are playing the music or displaying lyrics, you may require permission to avoid penalties or fines.

The CCLI offers an affordable license for churches that want to play songs of worship. There are multiple types of licenses available, including a streaming license. This license is necessary when you want to stream live video or music to the internet that contains copyrighted material.

With the CCLI license, you get access to SongSelect. This program includes access to over 100,000 songs. You can download traditional and contemporary songs, audio previews, sheet music, and lyrics.

With the standard copyright license, you can make custom arrangements, record your services, translate songs, and project the lyrics on a TV screen.

Conclusion to What Does a Church Video License Cost?

Playing copyrighted material during a church service is illegal. While there is little risk of getting in trouble, churches may be fined up to $150,000 if they violate copyright laws.

If you want to play videos at church, you need a suitable license. The CVLI offers several different licensing options to churches of all sizes. The least expensive license is $85 and covers a single event for a small church. Annual licensing starts at $90 and costs up to $760 for larger churches.

Small churches that simply want to play faith-based content can save money by purchasing the Family Values Package. This does not include Hollywood films from major studios and is available for churches with up to 199 members. With the Total Producers Package, churches can play movies from almost any studio.

Besides the video license, churches may need the CCLI Copyright License to play songs of worship. Like the video license, the cost of the music license varies.