Developing A Church Video Camera Operator Job Description

Are you starting or expanding a church live stream or church video ministry? Then you might want to consider developing a church video camera operator job description. That way there are clear lines of communication, and everyone knows what is expected of them. Even if your camera operator is a volunteer.

The question is how does a pastor or church leader come up with a job description for a church camera operator? What do we know about operating cameras right?

Well if you walk through this article with me, you will be able to come up with a proper church video camera operator job description that will work for your church.

Whether you are going to have live camera operators at every camera or just a couple of live camera operators and some stationary cameras, or even if every camera is a remote-controlled camera with one operator, these parts of the church camera operator job description are essential.

Developing A Church Video Camera Operator Job Description

Church Camera Operator Mission Statement

​What is the mission of your church? How does your live stream or video ministry fit in with that mission?

This is important because you want a camera operator that understands what you are trying to accomplish rather than one that desires to make his or her mark on the camera world. If you wish to have a polished professional video ministry, then it might not be a good match if your camera operator wants to be avant-garde and explore new and unusual video shots.

The same is true if your church wants to be more like reality TV than a full-fledged production and your camera operator wants picture perfect shots. So make sure that you include your mission statement for your church video ministry.

Church Video Camera Operator Qualifications

You will want to make it clear what are the primary qualities that you are looking for in a camera operator. Things like faithfulness, being a team player, creativity, ability to learn, taking direction, and many other qualities are essential to list.

It is best to be upfront about what type of person you are looking for in this position. I know the temptation is to list “just breathing” especially if you are working with volunteers, but you will save yourself some headache if you list what you want.

Church Video Camera Operator Job Description

Next, you will want to explain what the duties of the job are. Will they be setting up the camera? Will they need to adjust the settings for the light and color spectrum? Will they need to know how to change the tripod? Will there be travel involved in the ministry and will they need a drivers license?

All of these things will need to be gone over in your job description. There is more to this job than just panning the camera back and forth.

Church Video Camera Operator Job Expectations

What are you going to expect from your camera operator? Is there a moral code or code of conduct that is expected from paid staff or official volunteers? If so what is that code?

What about attendance? How many Sundays or other events is your camera operator expected to attend? What about participation in unrelated church activities? Are they required to be a tither?  Do they need to agree with your statement of faith or church values?

What about background checks? Are they required to pass a background check?

Will there be any heavy lifting or lifting requirements? What about mobility? Will they need to be able to stand for long periods of time?

Put these things up front in your church video camera operator job description. Better for all to communicate up front than have a problem on your hands later.

Finally make clear the process of either the church, church leadership, or the camera operator needs to follow to end the job. You want to make it clear that there is a process for quitting or being fired. Good endings make for the next good beginning.

Well, I hope this has helped you get your head around developing a church video camera operator job description. Let me know if it helped you in the comment section below.

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