Church Video Announcement Ideas That Will Stir Your Creative Gift

Why Make Church Video Announcements?

The technology and trends of modern times are ever-growing. This may mean that your congregation is growing too, or it may be that attendance is dropping and you want to change things up to make your church appeal to the younger generation. In either case, church video announcements are likely to have many benefits for your church. So here are my thoughts to help you with your church video announcement ideas.

Church Video Announcement Ideas That Will Stir Your Creative Gift

The most important thing is that video announcements will make it easier to communicate with members of your congregation or even with visitors and first-time guests.

Communication is essential as it makes people feel closer to the church and provides a higher level of accessibility to information about what your church has to offer.

For those who are already part of the flock, video announcements will not only liven up the announcement portion of the service but also allow them to find the videos online whether it’s through the church website or some manner of social media.

Having that level of availability will help them to remember what’s going on throughout the week when they aren’t at church and have an easier time making plans to accommodate for any church events that may be going on.

Hearing the announcements once per week may not be enough for them to remember and be able to plan around them. If your church is like mine, they need to be reminded more than once.

Another huge benefit that video announcements can provide is fun. Whether it’s adding humor to the regular announcements, or making special announcements for events geared towards children, getting those announcements on video will allow you to play with the ideas, making them more lively and fun than reading off a list at the beginning or end of a regular service.

Being able to draw the eye will make church events appear to be a more attractive option and show that your church can represent itself not only as a place of worship but as a place of warmth, friendliness, and fun.

Different Types Of Announcements

Your video announcements don’t have to be boring! With just little extra writing you can turn a standard announcement into a commercial, mini-film, or even a short documentary that will draw eyes to your church and give it a more creative and exciting feel.

A video commercial (Yes I said the word commercial. LOL) is a great choice because it can allow you to create buzz for your church. You can come up with funny and unique ways to send the announcements out to your congregation. Like standard television commercials, yours will offer up a hook to catch the attention of your audience, making them perk up their ears to find out what exactly the buzz is all about.

A mini-film is another way to grab their attention. It can be a little longer and have more plot. In it, you can briefly explore a lesson from the Bible, featuring an inspirational testimony, or expand it in a way to involve all of the announcements you need to make.

You can also give it a distinctive design, giving the film the appearance of a game show, reality television show, or even a late night comedy show. The longer length allows for the video to get even more interesting, which will not only be appealing to current members of the congregation but also have a stronger potential to bring in more visitors to your church.

A small documentary can allow you to share information about your church as well as announcements in a more serious way, allowing the pastor and other members to discuss the beliefs and values of the church through an interview style.

This can be done more casually and gives those watching the sense of a real conversation happening in front of them. The feel is welcoming and makes them feel as though they can get to know the people in the video from a safe distance, which ideally will lead to them feeling able to have a natural conversation with the pastor or other members of the church.

Topics For Videos

There are some different topics your video announcements can cover, most of which will stem from the announcements you already need to make. For example, announcements for special church events such as meals or celebrations, craft bazaars, holiday sermon series, and overall introductions to your church leadership or the beliefs and values of your church and what it stands for.

Meals and celebrations can have a simple video style to announce what is going on, or they can be filmed in a commercial fashion. The key to all of these videos is to make them interesting.

It’s important to make people want to be a part of church events because happy attendees are what will be the most significant help in growing the congregation. Word of mouth is incredibly important when it comes to bringing in new people. The biggest and best form of church growth is when the people want to bring their friends and family to church.

The retail format works great for a craft bazaar, bake sale, or rummage sale, or even a mini-film about the missionaries you support, projects you are involved in, etc. It has the benefit of allowing you to give people a brief look at the event encouraging them to get involved.

Showing is often more appealing than telling. It’s one thing to announce that the church is raising money for clean water in Africa, it’s another thing entirely to show people the lives they can touch by participating.

A mini-film style would be great for announcing holiday sermons, as it provides the possibility of making the announcement more exciting and fun.

For a Christmas sermon as an example, you may film members of the congregation dressed up as people involved in the birth of Christ. If you have a living nativity, you could show videos of the animals to spark the interest of the children. This all will have a greater appeal than merely telling people about the sermon series in person.

Any of the film styles discussed in this article will work wonderfully to paint an image of what your church is like to those that may not be part of your current congregation.

If you are considering using videos for your church announcements, consider doing them in such a way that they can be used to show others what your church is like. That way will allow you to appeal to new people and welcome them into your church with open arms.

Videos For Children

A good thing to keep in mind is that video announcements that appeal to children as well are going to be incredibly useful. Children are not just the future church; they are just as much a part of the church as you and I. So designing ways to catch their interest is going to be useful.

Image of two boys having fun

Whether it’s adding a layer to your regular videos or making videos primarily for the younger members of the flock, getting them excited about church and church activities will ensure the future of the congregation.

For example, churches that provide Sunday school lessons for children can make a video seeking to attract children to attend as well as parents who want their children to learn about Jesus and Christianity.

Holiday videos also lend themselves readily to the eyes of children as it is simple to include characters children enjoy. The most valuable task will be to show children the fun that they can have while learning about Jesus.

Catching the attention of members of the congregation of all ages and helping them to enjoy what the church has to offer is going to ensure they stay interested. The younger generation has grown up with video, commercials, and now YouTube and Facebook. They have learned to respond to video presentations. Make sure your church is speaking its learned language.

Final Thoughts About These Church Video Announcement Ideas

By using the technology that people are used to receiving, the church is sure to flourish and continue to grow with the trends of modern times. Church growth is essential, and church video announcements are a great way to stimulate and keep churches relevant to the times.

I know that this isn’t a bullet point list of church video announcement ideas. Instead, I hope I have stirred your creative juices and given you what you need to come up with your thoughts instead.

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