Top Four Church Presentation Software Options for Your House of Worship

Finding The Best Church Presentation Software For Your House Of Worship

Modern churches who want to reach out to younger congregants and ensure that everyone in the church feels connected to the service often turn to church presentation software. When used correctly, this software can help churches put together stunning displays that include photographs, music, and song lyrics.

When used incorrectly, either through user error or because the software itself is too difficult to handle, these displays can look childish and may not even work.

Top Four Church Presentation Software Options for Your House of Worship

Because choosing the right church presentation software for your church is so important, it’s necessary to take some time to pick the right software for your needs. While it may seem easier to simply select the same software as other churches in the area, every church will have varying needs.

Knowing the top four software choices on the market today and how each one can benefit you will help you to make the best decision.

Any church looking for software that can help them manage their multimedia and AV content during services has likely heard of these four options. No matter if the church is a mega church or one much smaller, there is a great software option out there designed to meet their needs.

Renewed Vision ProPresenter 6

Propresenter Logo

One of the main features of this church presentation software is that it is cross-platform, which means that it can operate on both Windows and Mac. It’s designed for use by churches and offers advanced video editing, which is perfect for churches who are interested in more in-depth use of their software.

Additionally, the multi-lingual interface means that this software is accessible to users who speak many different languages.

Unlike some other software that requires a yearly subscription, ProPresenter 6 only requires a one-time fee, which is great news for churches who are on a budget and don’t want to overspend on their software.

The included scripture engine makes it easy to look up Bible verses to include on slides, and the media storage makes finding and adding songs fast and easy.

With full cloud integration that allows for multiple people to work on the presentation at once, this powerful software is a great option for a large and busy church.

MediaShout 6

Mediashout Logo

MediaShout 6 also only requires a one-time fee, making it easy for churches to budget for the purchase. It is one of the more advanced options on the market today and features a lot of customizable options, including interface language, layout setup, and theme.

These advanced controls can easily be hidden to allow volunteers to run the program, which prevents any mistakes or changes from being made.

The offered iOS app is powerful and makes controlling the program during services easy.

Because it offers full SongSelect, Dropbox, and Planning Center integration, this software can easily operate as a hub for putting together a powerful presentation.

Not only that, but users who experience problems or need additional help using this software can benefit from the company’s website. It offers plenty of videos and articles to help with using the software, as well as technical help.

Faithlife Proclaim

Proclaim Logo

Many churches love this church presentation software, and for good reason. Not only does it easily integrate with major providers such as Logis Bible Software and SongSelect, but the model is subscription-based.

This means that you must pay a subscription and not just a one-time fee, but you will enjoy a number of wonderful benefits. By paying for a subscription, a church can create as many team accounts as they want and install the software on unlimited computers.

This makes it easy for everyone on the church staff to create, edit, and run presentations at the same time, under the same license.

With a powerful remote app that is Android and iOS compatible and works over WIFI, it’s easy to see how churches can easily control their presentations.

Additionally, it can be used for more than simply Sunday morning worship. It’s great for recording and publishing sermons and for sharing slides, making it one of the most complete, although expensive, software options available today.


Easyworship Logo

Churches looking for software that is easy to use and to control will appreciate the simplicity of EasyWorship. Just like the name states, this software doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge of church presentation software to use.

It has very intuitive user controls and a clean interface that isn’t cluttered or overwhelming. The interface is only available in English, but users can choose from a lighter or darker theme.

While it’s not loaded with features that other, more powerful, options have, EasyWorship does still have all of the basic essentials that are needed for putting together a church presentation.

From designing slides and searching for media or Bible verses, this software can do it all. They are also one of the only companies on the market to offer a flexible solution for licensing, making it easy for churches to choose the right option for them. Windows users can opt between a one-time fee or a yearly subscription.

Are These Church Presentation Software Solutions Right For Your Church?

As you can see, every church, regardless of their needs, can find church presentation software that is perfectly suited to work for them. No matter the operating system, the number of computers that will run the software at once, or the different features the software offers, with these four great choices, any church can confidently make a selection.

By first choosing a budget for purchasing new software and then making sure that the software they’re considering meets their needs, a church will be able to enjoy the myriad of benefits offered by their selection.

Investing in great church presentation software not only ensures that all presentations run smoothly and look their best but will also help save staff time and energy during the week.

Because they are easy to control and to edit, these four options are a great choice for a church looking for more control over its presentations.

By choosing a software that offers plenty of themes and backgrounds to choose from, as well as the ability to quickly upload lyrics or Bible verses, churches will have immediate and complete control over their presentations and will be able to quickly set up the slides and videos needed for the next service.

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