How to Choose a Projector Screen for Church

Choosing A Projector Screen For Your Church

Choosing a projector screen for your church is something that you want to put a lot of thought into. This is going to be something that you will be using for a long time, so you want to make sure that you get it right. How do you choose which projector screen is right for your church? You basically just need to think about how big your church is, what your lighting needs are, and how you will install the projector screen. Determining what your specific needs are should not be too difficult, so you will be able to get things figured out pretty fast.

A good projector screen is going to be able to provide more depth to your church services. Currently, a little more than six out of every ten protestant churches uses large screen video projection for church services. It opens up certain options, and you will be able to use visual aids during sermons more regularly. This is going to be a worthwhile endeavor for you, so take the time to look into all of the details. You will see that accomplishing this task will not be overly difficult, and your church will be able to enjoy the perfect projector screen soon enough.

How to Choose a Projector Screen for Church

Choosing the Right Projector Screen Size for Your Church

Of course, the size of the projector screen is going to be very important. You need to make sure that you are purchasing a screen that has an appropriate size for your church. You do not want it to be too big, and it should not be too small, either. Being able to find the sweet spot should not be too tough, so long as you take the time to measure things. Think about the size of your sanctuary before proceeding so that you will have a rough idea of what size will work well.

The first challenge that you will be dealing with is that the projector screen has to fit in the church properly. Being able to fit the projector screen right may prove to be a challenge for some churches. Different churches have different architectural features, so you will need to choose one that works well with the shape and size of your church. Sometimes it will be necessary to work together with a custom projector screen company to get the right results.

One of the most crucial aspects of getting your projector screen is ensuring that everyone is able to see it. If you wind up getting a screen that is too small, then you could encounter certain issues. Being able to have a screen that works right for your congregation really does matter. Make sure that it is big enough for everyone to be able to enjoy it, but not so big that it gets in the way. It is a subtle balance that you will have to find to get the best results.

Lighting Conditions Matter

Lighting conditions are very important when it comes to picking out your projector screen. You see, one of the problems that churches face is that the lighting is not going to be completely dark while the projector is being used. Ambient lighting can potentially cause some lighting problems for you, which makes the projected images or video more difficult to see. Issues like this can be mitigated by choosing a projector screen that will work better for your lighting needs.

When you think about buying a projector screen, a white screen is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Most people do wind up buying these screens, but they may cause some lighting issues in some cases. Natural light can wind up causing issues with the contrast of your images when you have a white screen like this. You may wish to look into other options if the natural light that comes into your church is going to be a problem.  

The best solution for you to use might be to buy a gray or black projector screen. It really does help you to cut down on unwanted reflections, and it helps the image to appear much clearer. Screens like this work a lot better in situations where ambient light is present. If you know that your church is going to have ambient light while you are using the projector, then a gray or black screen is going to work out nicely.

Installation Considerations

Lastly, you really need to think about how you are going to install this projector screen in your church. As mentioned earlier, every church has different architectural challenges that will need to be considered. You need the screen to fit properly, and you want it to be seen well. This means that it needs to be installed in a position that is practical for everyone. There are several installation options to consider.

The most common option that churches go with seems to be wall-mounted projector screens. Sometimes churches will even make use of multiple screens and projectors when they are big enough to warrant it. If your church has enough wall space and it makes sense, then this is going to work out well. A big projector screen on the wall will certainly be able to be seen by everyone. This may not be possible for some churches, though, so it isn’t the right solution for everyone.

Churches that have issues with space may want to consider rolling screens. A projector screen that is on a cart of some sort will be able to be wheeled out when necessary. It can be tucked away when it is not in use. This helps you to avoid some issues and allows you to make good use of your space. It could be a good solution for certain churches, so just know that screens don’t always have to be mounted to the walls, as rolling stands are available.


Choosing the right projector screen for your church may wind up taking some time. After reading about all of the factors that you should consider, it should be easier to get an idea of what you should be looking at. You can make sure that you have the right lighting situation for the projector screen that you are choosing ahead of time. Considering the size and installation needs of your church will be important, as well. Once you have everything figured out, you’ll be able to get your screen set up so that your church can make use of it readily.


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