Best Wireless Microphone Headset For Churches

Finding The Best Wireless Microphone Headset For A Church

The Countryman E6 wireless mic is worn around the ear and features a 2mm cable. This is an unobtrusive microphone with great sound.

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Best Wireless Microphone Headset For Churches

Who Should Use the Countryman E6 Wireless Mic?

The Countryman E6 is best suited for speaking engagements and live church services. You can wear it and keep your hands free, making it great for use in small venues for a singer with an instrument. However, it is mostly built for theatre and live productions like your church service.

The E6 is an omnidirectional microphone, which is useful when you need to capture sounds in a contained setting, such as a newsroom, church platform, or live studio. However, picking up sounds from each direction may not work for quality vocal recording.

The compact design and discreet appearance also make the E6 a fantastic choice for live streaming events or church drama presentations. While the microphone is not hidden, is not obtrusive or distracting.

The Countryman E6 microphone headset is a suitable choice for anyone who needs a quality hands-free mic for the stage. The microphone is unobtrusive and captures exceptional sound for a headset mic.


Countryman Springy E6 Omnidirectional Earset

  • The E6 omnidirectional wireless earset is an unobtrusive mic that delivers high-quality voice pickup while rejecting surrounding noise and feedback
  • Fits Shure/Carvin/JTS/Trantec transmitters models all with TA4F, Tiny QG including ULX1, UR1, PGX, SLX/UX16-BP/all with TA4F/S5 respectively
  • Includes 2-mm Duramax aramid-reinforced cable
  • Features standard gain sensitivity for general speaking and classic/springy boom
  • Available in tan color

What Should You Look for in a Wireless Mic Headset?

When choosing a wireless microphone headset, it is important to find a mic that suits your specific needs. Some of the main features that we look at include:

  • The design
  • Pickup pattern
  • Proximity
  • Connectivity
  • Transmitter compatibility

You should determine how the mic is intended to be worn. Some designs may not work for your intended purposes. For example, the Countryman E6 is an ear-set mic, which the wearer places around the ear for a less obtrusive setup.

You will typically want an omnidirectional microphone system for wireless applications. These mics pick up sound from all directions, instead of directly in front of the mic. With an omnidirectional microphone, there are more ways to wear the mic, and they tend to provide better pickup in large spaces, such as auditoriums and churches.

Another consideration is proximity. A proximity microphone is designed to pick up voices and sounds around the microphone while rejecting the surrounding sounds. It isolates the sound within one to two feet of the mic, offering high-quality voice pickup and less feedback.

Most wireless microphones either use a 2mm or 3.5mm cable for connecting to the wireless transmitter. They are also designed to work with specific transmitter brands. Before choosing a wireless microphone headset, ensure that it works with your transmitter.

Why Did We Choose the Countryman E6 Mic?

The Countryman E6 mic is the top wireless microphone headset due to its sound quality. It offers exceptional sound for such a tiny microphone.

The omnidirectional microphone has a thin boom and windscreen that helps to block the wind and prevent breath pops. The design also keeps the mic close to the performer’s mouth, which helps with sound isolation.

The E6 is incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 9 ounces. It curves around the ear and can be adjusted to ensure that you get a perfect fit. When properly adjusted, the performer should not even notice that he or she is wearing the microphone.

We also liked the compatibility of this microphone. The Countryman E6 works with a wide range of wireless system transmitters from major brands. It is designed to fit wireless transmitters from Shure, JTS, Carvin, and Trantec. It also includes a 2-mm Duramax aramid-reinforced cable for a secure connection with the transmitter.

The standard gain sensitivity is also well-suited for in settings where the performer is speaking, such as theatre performances, church services, broadcasting, and podcasting. Keep in mind that this mic is not necessarily intended for vocals.

What We Like and Dislike About the Countryman E6

The top benefits of choosing the Countryman E6 microphone include its durability, sound quality, comfort, and discreet design. Despite being incredibly thin and lightweight, this mic should last for quite some time. It is why we consider it the best wireless microphone headset.

You also get a phenomenal sound pickup from the omnidirectional mic. When the mic is adjusted, it is very close to the mouth, helping to isolate the sound of the speaker.

The comfort is also great. As the mic weighs less than 9 ounces, it is barely noticeable when worn. In fact, it is easy to forget that you have it on.

The slim profile and design make this a great choice for church services. The mic is barely noticeable, as it can blend into almost any skin tone. The microphone comes in beige as standard. However, it is also available in a tan color.

Some people may not enjoy the price tag of the Countryman E6 microphone. At more than $300, this is a costly piece of equipment, and you need to think carefully about how much you need a quality mic. However, if you want the best, you need to a pay a little more. You did search for the best right?

There is another drawback to the Countryman E6. The provided cable may not last very long. The 2-mm cable that is provided offers a quality connection with no loss of sound quality. However, it may become damaged or worn with repeated use. If the connector wears, it may not maintain its connection as easily. This is a minor issue, as you can easily purchase replacement cables.

Final Thoughts On This Headset Microphone System

If you want a professional-quality wireless headset mic, the Countryman E6 is the mic to beat. It offers superior sound pickup and works with a variety of wireless transmitters. It also blends in with most performers, thanks to its incredibly slim design, which also results in a comfortable fit.

The price tag may put some people off. It costs over $300, which makes it twice the price of some worthy competitors. This price also places the E6 in the professional-grade category. It is intended for use in settings where quality matters, such as the theatre, church services, or even broadcast news.

The bottom line is that everyone agrees that the Countryman E6 offers great audio quality. This mic is a prime example of why Countryman is considered the best wireless microphone headset.