Best Walkie Talkie for Church Security – Keep Your Congregation Safe

Finding The Best Walkie Talkie For Your Church Security Ministry

Every church needs to make sure that they can easily handle any security issues that may arise not only on Sunday mornings but any time that there is a group of people meeting at the church. To communicate with each other, security teams, pastors, council members, and congregants are putting down their cell phones and instead of turning to walkie-talkies, as they offer a number of benefits and can easily help people communicate with each other in an emergency.

There is a lot riding on choosing the best walkie-talkies to keep a church and its congregants safe, which is why church security teams need to carefully consider their options when shopping for new walkie-talkies. Not only do church security teams and the pastor need to take into consideration the budget that they have for their new walkie-talkies, but they also have to consider various features of the available walkies and how easily they can be used.

This guide is the best way for churches who are looking for new walkie-talkies to find the right ones for their use. Anyone using this guide should be able to quickly see why the Motorola DLR1020 walkie-talkies are such popular options.

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Best Walkie Talkie for Church Security – Keep Your Congregation Safe

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying Walkie Talkies For Church Security?

It can be tricky to choose the best security radios for your church, especially if you’re not sure what considerations you need to bear in mind. Knowing what features to consider will ensure that you choose the best walkie-talkies for your church and that you are confident in your decision.

  • Battery Life – your new walkie-talkies aren’t going to do you any good if the battery doesn’t last for very long. Shorter battery life means that the walkie-talkies will easily die, which can put members of the church in danger if there is an emergency.
  • Controls – because walkie-talkies may be used by church members of all ages, it’s a good idea to look for ones that have controls that are easy to use. This will ensure that the person operating the walkie-talkie can easily communicate with others. Advanced controls may be too overwhelming for some people and delay getting help.
  • Headsets – being able to operate a walkie-talkie without other people hearing what is being said is a great way to keep a church secure. When walkie-talkies come with headsets, then there is very little concern about people listening in on what is being said, which is important if the information is private or sensitive.

Why We Chose The DLR1020 Over Others


Motorola DLR1020 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies

  • 4 Pack of Motorola DLR1020 radios.
  • Each radio comes complete with single-unit charger, 14 hour lithium ion battery, swivel belt holster and 1-year warranty.
  • Set to 900MHz digital frequencies that do not require an FCC license. Digital radios are not compatible with existing analog radios. If these are your first radios, they are a great choice, but cannot be matched up to non-DLR radios. Digital gives you the best possible audio quality.
  • 1-watt (covers up to 300,000 square feet or 20 floors), 2 channels (communication groups).
  • This is a new model of Motorola two-way radio and features cutting-edge digital technology. Extremely small and works well for a variety of small footprint businesses.

The Motorola DLR1020 is a hassle-free walkie-talkie that is designed to be as easy as possible for users to operate so that they can quickly and clearly communicate with each other, even across 300,000 square feet and 20 floors. This incredible communication range means that these walkie-talkies are an ideal solution for larger churches that may otherwise struggle to communicate with lower-quality analog walkie-talkies.

Additionally, they have an advanced configuration menu that is surprisingly easy to use, even though it is very powerful.

Users are sure to love the 14-hour battery life, which means that these walkie-talkies can be used for multiple events before the batteries need to be replaced. Because they do not come with chargers, these walkies can be instantly charged with the addition of new batteries, ensuring that users are always able to communicate easily and clearly with each other.

Finally, they boast powerful CPS programming software, which allows for personalizing alias names, voice prompts, the top button, channel number, and more. These features are great for more advanced users who want a little more power and control from their walkie-talkies, although they work perfectly well without taking advantage of the features.

What We Like and Dislike About This Walkie Talkie

The Motorola DLR1020 has a lot of great features that make it a wonderful option for use in many churches. One of the main things that you will enjoy when you opt for this walkie-talkie is that it features DLR digital technology, which means that communications are clear and easy to understand.

Additionally, the Motorola DLR1020 has a prompt tone that sounds when channels are free and users can speak. This reduces the problem of people trying to speak over each other when they need to communicate.

Thanks to the home channel feature, users will be able to easily find others and communicate with them without having to worry about searching through various channels, which can be time-consuming and very frustrating.

Another perk of these walkie-talkies is that they feature voice prompts. These allow for easily checking battery status and navigating channels.

There are some downsides to the Motorola DLR1020, and one is that they require six Lithium-ion batteries to operate, which means that keeping a large staff with operable walkie-talkies can get expensive.

Additionally, the included headsets aren’t comfortable for all users and don’t always offer the best sound quality, which is frustrating when trying to communicate.

Why We Feel You Should Consider The Motorola DLR1020

As you can see, there is a lot to love about the Motorola DLR1020. They are shockingly powerful walkie-talkies that are surprisingly easy to use, which is great for churches that have congregants of all ages who will be using the radios.

While they are a bit higher in price than other similar models, they offer advanced technology that will ensure that users can easily communicate in an emergency, which provides the peace of mind that the security team, pastors, and congregants all want when they are at church.

Because these walkie-talkies are powerful and easy to use, they can be set up right away and used without any charging, downtime, or difficult programming. This means that any church that opts for these walkie-talkies can start using them right away and enjoy the benefits that they offer without waiting for special help or setup.

Thanks to their durable polycarbonate housing they can not only withstand dust, shock, extreme temperatures, and vibrations but also naturally inhibit bacterial growth, which is great for keeping users safe. They’re definitely an investment, but one that will keep the church and its members safe and secure and one that will last for years to come.