What Is The Best Small Body Acoustic Electric Guitar For Church Worship And Live Performances?

Finding The Best Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Everyone should be able to play guitar, no matter your skill level, or if you tend to be a little petite. Unfortunately, many guitars that are available for sale are large, and this can make it very difficult for smaller-statured people to find an instrument that they can easily use.

The best way to make sure that you can use your new guitar to the best of your ability is to shop for the best small body acoustic-electric guitar. When buying a smaller guitar, you don’t want to have to sacrifice sound quality or features, which is why it’s important to choose a Taylor.

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What Is The Best Small Body Acoustic Electric Guitar For Church Worship And Live Performances?

The Taylor GS Mini-E Solid Koa Top guitar has a smaller body than other guitars, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t produce the same rich tones and sounds. Knowing why this guitar will benefit you and what makes it the best choice is essential so that you can rest easy knowing that you have made the right decision regarding your musical future.

When you understand what makes this Taylor guitar so unique, you’ll be able to rest easy in your choice to invest not only in this instrument but also in your future as a musician.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Guitar?

  • The size of your guitar is essential, especially when you are looking for one with a small body. Unfortunately, many small-bodied guitars do not offer the deep sound and tone that you can achieve with a larger guitar. This means that it is vital to do your research when choosing the right small-bodied guitar for your needs.
  • You will also want to consider how well your guitar can stay in tune, especially since you will be fighting against having a smaller body and trying to coax out the more in-depth and more vibrant sound. A guitar that is difficult to keep in tune will not be nearly as much fun to play and will require more extended tunings before each song set.
  • The price point is also important to consider when shopping for a small-bodied acoustic-electric guitar, as it is very easy to go over budget when looking for this type of specific instrument. When you have a substantial budget in mind, you will be able to easily compare and contrast various guitars to ensure that you find the right one for you.
  • Quality pickups on your small body guitar are important so that you can achieve the best sound possible.

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Plus ES2

  • GS Mini Layered Hawaiian Koa Body w/ Solid Hawaiian Koa Top
  • X Bracing, Nubone Nut & Saddle
  • 23-1/2″ Scale Tropical Mahogany Neck w/ Ebony
  • Expression System 2 Electronics, Taylor Nickel Tuners
  • Case Included

Why We Chose This Guitar Over Others

Not only is this Taylor guitar incredibly beautiful, but it produces beautiful sounds that will improve the way you play. While some small body acoustic-electric guitars have a smaller sound, Taylor has managed to create the perfect body on this guitar that allows you to create a loud and rich sound, even though this size is scaled down. If you do not want to have to sacrifice your overall sound quality just because you need a smaller body on your guitar, then this Taylor guitar is a great choice, no matter what your playing style.

While this guitar lacks a pickguard, the beautiful wood grain is allowed to show because of its absence. Regarding a smaller body acoustic-electric guitar, you would be hard-pressed to find one that is more gorgeous and offers a better sound.

Many musicians worry about buying smaller body acoustic-electric guitars because they don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their sound, but Taylor makes sure that this is not an issue by using three pickups behind the saddle. This ensures that you enjoy power and precision when playing because the pickups can quickly respond to the vibrations of your strings.

What We Like and Dislike About This Guitar


The middle core of this guitar is made out of poplar, and there are three layers of koa wood used for the sides and back. This means that your new guitar will be incredibly durable and able to withstand not only rainy weather but also temperature fluctuations without problems.

The small size isn’t so small that the guitar looks strange when being played, but it is the right size for more petite musicians who may otherwise struggle with playing the guitar.

Even though this guitar is smaller than others, it still has the powerful pickups that you would expect from Taylor, which means that it offers the same level and quality of sound that you want.

The gorgeous wood not only looks fantastic but produces a subdued tone that evolves with the musician as the wood changes and seasons.


It can be challenging to find a tremendous small-body guitar for a reasonable price, and this Taylor guitar, while gorgeous, is very expensive.

It’s a good idea to change out the stock strings right away so that you can enjoy the full tone and sound of this guitar without it sounding “tinny.” This, of course, will add to the overall cost of your new instrument.

Why We Feel You Should Buy This Guitar

Buying a small body acoustic-electric guitar doesn’t have to be difficult or mean that you need to make sacrifices in any way. The Taylor GS Mini-E Solid Koa Top guitar offers you everything that you need from your smaller guitar, without making you wish for a larger-bodied instrument. This guitar is the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance and will draw the eye of everyone hearing you play. Because you don’t have to sacrifice a thick and rich tone for a smaller body, you can rely on this instrument to improve your guitar playing abilities.

Unlike other small-body acoustic-electric guitars whose sound will get lost in the shuffle when playing with other musicians, this Taylor guitar offers you all of the power that you need to stand out from the crowd. Taylor has included their incredibly robust and reliable electronics and pickups on this instrument but made small changes to ensure the best results for every musician using it.

It is these small changes and considerations from Taylor that make this the best choice when shopping for a small body acoustic-electric guitar. While the price is a little high, the sound you can create is warm and clear, it sounds great through an amp, and it is lightweight enough for most users.