The Best Mackie Mixers For Your Church or House of Worship

Mackie mixers are a staple in the church and house of worship market, offering a wide range of mixers to fit any size or budget. There are several different models available, each with its own features and benefits. In this article we’ll review three top-selling Mackie models, that work best for churches and houses of worship:

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The Best Mackie Mixers For Your Church or House of Worship


Mackie mixers are a brand of audio mixing consoles that can be used to make live audio sound better.

The best Mackie mixer for your church or house of worship depends on the size and scope of the sanctuary or hall that you are providing sound to, but there is always a Mackie mixer available! Mackie mixers have the reputation for being durable, affordable, and reliable.


The right mixers will take your sound from average to great. Mackie mixers are used by professionals around the world to perfect sound for their productions.

A Mackie mixer will help you take your live sound from good to great!


The Mackie ProFX22V3 – Best Overall Mixer


Mackie ProFXv3 Series, 22-Channel Professional Effects Mixer

  • Mackie ProFXv3 Series mixers are the ultimate affordable solution for live, home recording, and content creators. Now with Onyx mic preamps that offer 60db of headroom, easy single-knob compression, and 24 built-in FX. Record your tracks in 24-Bit/192kHz quality with 2×4 USB I/O and zero-latency hardware monitoring. Waveform OEM recording software/plugin packages are included.

The Mackie ProFX22V3 is the best mixer for live sound. This is one of Mackie’s newest models and has all the features you need to have a great show- but it’s not just any old church mixer! 

The Vita preamps provide quality of sound that may be lacking in some compact mixers and it has ample inputs like XLR/TRS combo jacks (front) with TRS inserts (back). It also features multiple digital effects including reverbs and delays so you can add just the right effect or ambiance after the transients have been captured by your input channels. 

Not enough? 
Fine then, turn up or down each channel’s volume using a 7 band graphic EQ while tweaking different frequencies for even more sweetening power!


  • Get a clean, professional mix every time.
  • You’ll never have to worry about your signal quality again.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re always getting the best sound possible.

The Mackie DL16R Digital Mixer – Best Digital Mixer


Mackie DL Series, Digital Wireless Live Sound Mixer

  • 32 Onyx+ recallable mic preamps with 10 fully-assignable XLR outputs plus a headphone output
  • Convenient built-in Wi-Fi
  • Powerful channel/output DSP including parametric/31-band EQ, comp/limiter, and more plus 4 stereo FX processors
  • Complete control via the industry-leading master fader control app for iOS, Android, Mac, or Pc
  • 32×32 USB recording for recording the show, virtual sound checks, and more

The DL16R Digital Mixer is the state of the art for high-end digital mixers. Featuring robust control over 32 channels and 14 busses, this innovative mixer allows you to get in the mix like never before. With beefy DSP on each of the Onyx+ mic pres and a sleek 3U rackmount design, your days of plugging cables into a snake are over thanks to this versatile digital mixing board that delivers power without compromise. 

Control every aspect with intuitive Master Fader software via your iPad or Computer from anywhere in the room – now you can leave all those tedious knobs behind!


  • Control over 32 channels and 14 busses.
  • Beefy DSP on each of the Onyx+ mic pres.
  • 3U rackmount design for a sleek look.
  • You’ll never have to plug cables into a snake again!

Mackie PPM1012 – Best Powered Mixer

The Mackie PPM1012 is here to give you a boost when it comes to live mixing. With an 8 mic/line mono inputs and 2 stereo line inputs, your sound will power through with the new 1600W Mackie-designed Class-D, Fast Recovery power amplifiers. Introducing some dedicated in-line compression on the available channels as well as a 12channel, 1600W ultra-light professional powered mixer equipped with lots of features like cool effects for guitars or vocals mixed with tap delay for artists going live too! 

It’s simple to use but just bursting at the seams with power!


  • The Mackie mixer is a perfect solution for churches of all sizes.
  • You’ll have the power to mix your live sound with ease and precision.
  • Get the professional sound you’ve always wanted.
  • Make every performance better than ever before.

Which Mackie Mixer Is Best For You?

Mackie mixers are a staple in the world of professional sound. They’re used by bands, DJs, churches, and venues all over the country to create high-quality mixes for live performances. 

The best thing about Mackie? There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding one that fits your needs and budget!