Best Live Sound Mixer For Church Worship

Finding The Best Live Sound Mixer For Your Church Worship Team

The Allen & Heath GL2400 mixer is designed for live performances. It features 6 auxiliary sends for connecting your monitors and multi-band equalizer settings. That is why we recommend it for the live sound needs of your church worship team.

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Best Live Sound Mixer For Church Worship

Who Should Use the Allen & Heath GL2400?

The Allen & Heath GL2400 mixer costs several thousand dollars, depending on the latest price listing. The price may exceed the budget for indie artists and amateurs. It is intended for professional use in small to medium-sized venues like a church.

It includes 32 microphone and line inputs, which is suitable for a worship team or small orchestra containing a dozen or so members. The variety of inputs and the auxiliary sends also make this a great option for churches, seminars, and other live events where you need to connect multiple monitors.

The GL2400 is also intended for use in the studio. While it is one of the top live sound mixers, it is also intended for use in the studio. It is versatile enough to be used in almost any setting, from the studio to the live recording.

Overall, the Allen & Heath GL2400 is one of the best options for those who want a pro-quality live sound mixer with plenty of inputs.


Allen & Heath 32-Channel Professional Live Sound Mixer

  • 32 mic/line inputs
  • 6 Auxiliary sends
  • 4 Band eq with sweep mids
  • 100MM Professional faders
  • 7×4 Mix matrix
live sound mixer

What Should You Look for in a Live Sound Mixer?

A quality live sound mixer should contain several essential features, including:

  • Adequate number of inputs and outputs
  • Remote control operation
  • Durability and overall construction
  • Live performance settings

The first consideration is the number of inputs and outputs that you need. Keep in mind that some instruments may sound better with multiple mics, such as a drum set. You may also need additional outputs to connect the mixer to your monitors.

The remote-control operation is a feature that is included more often with portable mixers. Some mixers allow you to connect the mixer to an iPad or iPhone for remote operation. This allows you to adjust the sound from areas other than the stage to hear what the audience will hear.

A live sound mixer should also be built for travel. An inexpensive, plastic chassis may break easily, while a metal chassis protects the internal circuitry from damage.

There are also settings that are needed for live performances that may not be required for studio recording. For example, a live sound mixer should include meters and equalizers for each auxiliary output. Along with these features, you should consider any extra settings that you regularly use during performances or live events.

Why Did We Choose This As The Best Live Sound Mixer For Church Worship?

The Allen & Heath GL2400 is the best live sound mixer due to the variety of features that have been included specifically for live recording. For example, the GL2400 is equipped with three master faders that are also independently configurable. Each fader also includes its own dedicated meter, mute function, and balanced XLR output.

The GL2400 also includes six auxiliary outputs, which should be more than enough for small to medium-sized live applications. You can easily connect your monitors or speakers. You also have the option of connecting the monitors pre-insert and pre-EQ to separate the house mix from the stage mix.

The reliability of the GL2400 is also an attractive feature. Allen & Heath is one of the most popular brands in the audio mixer industry. They produce high-end mixers for all types of professional applications. With the GL2400, they have included their experience and innovation to build a dependable mixer.

Another reason that the GL2400 is the best live sound mixer is its interface. While it includes a variety of live sound mixing tools, they are positioned and labeled for easy operation. You should not run into any problems familiarizing yourself with the various faders, knobs, and switches.

What We Like and Dislike About This Mixer?

The GL2400 includes a few advantages that help it stand out from other live sound mixers. These benefits include the live sound mixing toolset, the durable construction, the quality preamplifiers, and overall sound quality.

The live sound mixing settings includes multi-band equalizers and independently configurable faders, along with three master faders. These faders have their own meter and balanced XLR output.

The construction is also durable and rugged, designed for travel. You can place this in the back of the vehicle with other gear without worrying about it getting knocked around.

The mic preamplifiers and the quality design of the board help to deliver exceptional sound in almost any setting. However, there are a couple of disadvantages to choosing the Allen & Heath GL2400 audio mixer.

The first disadvantage is the cost. The Allen & Heath GL2400 costs over $3000. While there are professional audio mixers that cost five times that amount, the price tag of the GL2400 may be too high for some groups. However, you did search for the best right?

The second issue is that this is not a digital audio mixer, which means that you do not get the benefits of a digital mixer. When performing live, you need to adjust settings based on the environment, requiring you to tweak the sound with each performance. If you regularly play the same venues, a digital mixer saves time by storing your most-used settings.

Why Should You Buy the Allen & Heath GL2400 Mixer?

If you want one of the highest-quality analog mixers currently available, the Allen & Heath GL2400 is the right choice. The quality of the sound is hard to beat, making it perfect for live recording.

The only real issues are related to the cost and the fact that this is an analog board. If you can get past these two potential drawbacks, the GL2400 is a great buy and the overall best live sound mixer.

With the GL2400, you get 32 microphones and line inputs. This should be more than enough for a standard band, small orchestra, or church worship team. The preamps are also excellent, ensuring that the sound delivered from the mics is exactly as it sounds live.

The main benefit of the GL2400 may be the durable and reliable construction. You can take this board with you anywhere without worrying about it overheating or breaking.