Best Handheld Microphone For Churches

Finding The Best Handheld Microphone For Your Church

The Sennheiser e935 handheld microphone is a cardioid dynamic microphone with solid construction and reliable sound, making it the best handheld microphone for any use but especially for churches.

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Best Handheld Microphone For Churches

Who Should Consider Using the Sennheiser e935 Mic?

The Sennheiser e935 microphone is great for anyone that needs a decent handheld mic. It can be used in almost any setting, climate, or location. You may add this to your gear for live worship services, studio recording, video production, or even live streaming.

The mic has virtually no noise, even when reaching the limits of the sound pressure levels. You get great sound for both live worship and studio recording. It also has a cardioid pickup, which helps to isolate the sounds of your vocals and reject background sounds. These features make it a great option for musicians and live performers.

The features of the Sennheiser e935 also make it great for public speaking. Church services, lectures, and other situations that require public speaking may require professional-grade sound equipment, including a decent handheld mic. The Sennheiser e935 ensures that your voice is heard while helping to eliminate outside noise from the crowd or other equipment.

The bottom line is that the Sennheiser e935 is well suited for just about any task. However, it is primarily intended for live performances. It may not be a top-of-the-line microphone, but it offers clear sound with virtually no noise.


Sennheiser Professional E 935 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

  • Cardioid pickup pattern: Provides good signal isolation and feedback rejection, enabling higher sound levels to be obtained
  • Shock-mounted capsule: Low sensitivity to impact and handling noise
  • Hum compensating coil: Reduces electrical interference
  • Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron: Keeps microphone stable regardless of climate
  • 100% metal casing: Rugged and reliable for tough on-stage use

What Are the Main Features?

Choosing a handheld mic can be difficult. When comparing products, these are the main features to consider:

  • The pickup pattern
  • Noise levels
  • Warranty
  • Durable construction

The first feature to look at in a handheld microphone is the pickup pattern. Most handheld mics either have a cardioid pickup or omnidirectional pickup. With the omnidirectional pickup, you get sound from all directions, while a cardioid pickup mostly captures sound from directly in front of the mic. For recording vocals, a cardioid mic is typically recommended.

You also need to consider the overall sound quality and noise levels. The mic you choose should offer minimal noise, even when you increase the sound levels. Typically, a high sound pressure level (SPL) will result in less noise and distortion from the microphone.

The best handheld mic should include a warranty to protect against defects in quality from regular use. Keep in mind that these warranties do not protect against accidental damage. They are not an insurance policy.

If you want to protect against damage, the mic should be durably built. The best mics are constructed from metal and may feature shock absorption to help protect the internal components.

Why Did We Select the Sennheiser e935?

We chose the Sennheiser e935 microphone due to its solid construction. Sennheiser carefully designed this microphone to offer exceptional performance and to shield the mic against damage or unnecessary wear.

The microphone is constructed from durable metal, making it rugged and reliable. It is hard to detect when the internal components are damaged until you notice a difference in sound quality. With the thick metal shell, there is less risk of damage, making this a reliable choice for live worship services.

The Sennheiser e935 also sounds great when compared to other mics in the same price class. For less than $200, you are getting a high-end mic that delivers clear sound with minimal distortion at high levels.

The e935 was also chosen due to the 10-year warranty that comes with the microphone. If you notice any reduction in sound quality through regular use, Sennheiser may repair or replace the mic. However, this only covers manufacturer defects and not damage to the microphone.

What We Like and Dislike about the Sennheiser e935 Mic

There is quite a bit to like about the Sennheiser e935 microphone. It is durable, well built, sounds great, and includes a 10-year warranty. The Sennheiser has a rugged design that protects it from damage. While you may still break it when dropped, there is less of a risk of damage to the internal components and diaphragm.

Along with the durability of the design, the design also includes elements that help to deliver better sound. The shock-mounted capsule with a hum-bucking coil help to provide exceptional clarity, whether you are recording vocals or speech. You also get a 10-year warranty, in case you detect any defects in the design of the mic.

Some people found the Sennheiser e935 microphone to be a little too sensitive. They claim that when you move the mic, the sound levels can change dramatically. However, not everyone seems to have this issue. If you are worried about the range of the microphone, you may need to keep the performer close to the mic.

Another potential issue that some people bring up is that it does not have an on/off switch. However, a lot of microphones do not include their own on/off switch, relying on the mixer or sound system to handle muting the mic. Quality pro-sound microphones do not include on/off switches. That is a feature of lower quality microphones.

Why Should You Consider Buying the Sennheiser e935 Mic?

The Sennheiser e935 offers the best value for your money. It is an affordable microphone that still offers solid performance. For less than $200, you can begin recording professional-quality sound, assuming the rest of your gear offers the same quality.

The only drawbacks may not apply to everyone. One issue is the on/off switch, which is a minor complaint by those that do not understand the pro-sound equipment. The other issue is the range of the mic. If you position it correctly and understand that this is a cardioid mic, you should not have too much of a problem with the range. You can also increase the levels quite high before you notice any distortion.

The Sennheiser e935 microphone also has a metal outer shell and a neodymium ferrous magnet to keep the microphone stable in any climate. The solid construction and clarity of the pickup help this microphone stand out from the competition.

The bottom line is that you get a durable microphone that is rugged enough for regular use in live performances. If you need a microphone that you can count on during your live shows, church services, or broadcasts, the Sennheiser e935 is a great buy. That is why we feel it is the best handheld microphone.

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