What Is The Best Audio Interface for Ableton Live Performance?

Finding The Best Audio Interface for Ableton Live Performance

One of the most powerful and useful pieces of software for music performance is Ableton Live, and if you’re going to be using this software, then it’s important that you find the best audio interface for Ableton Live Performance.

This will ensure that you have complete control over your sound while you are performing for fans or recording. Using an audio interface is a great way to control your sound and make sure that you have all of your connections, inputs, and outputs and one location; however, if your piece of equipment does not communicate well with your computer software, then you will find that you have a tough time performing.

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What Is The Best Audio Interface for Ableton Live Performance?

No matter what kind of music you are looking to create, using this software will allow you complete control over the creative process. The best way to use it is with a high-quality audio interface as well. For a dream made in heaven that will allow you to recording control your sound quickly and without frustration, the right audio interface for the job is the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. (link to Amazon) For the best recording and performance job, you have to make sure that you have the best equipment.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Audio Interface?

  • If you are going to be performing live, then you have to make sure that you choose an audio interface that offers you low latency during your performances. While lower latency is essential when you’re recording, it is imperative when performing live as you want to make sure that your fans do not hear your sound before it has been adjusted. Low or no latency will allow you to tweak volume, tone, and clarity while playing.
  • The chassis itself is essential to consider when buying a piece of equipment that will be going with you on the road as it’s vital that it be durable and reliable, so you do not have to worry about it breaking during your travels. A broken audio interface can derail your performance plans and cause you to cancel shows until you can get your hands on more equipment.
  • While software is a consideration for any audio interface user, those who are going to be creating their music and sounds and performing live need to make sure that their software is powerful enough to handle the demands that will be placed upon it. Additionally, it’s important that the software be easy to use, so you do not struggle with needing updates or having usability problems while on the road.

Why We Chose This Audio Interface Over Others


Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 FireWire Audio Interface

  • 8 in/6 out FireWire audio interface with 2 Focusrite mic preamps
  • High-quality 24-bit/96kHz FireWire interface
  • Saffire MixControl ultra-low-latency DSP mixer/router
  • Midnight Plug-in Suite (RTAS/AU/VST), Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite (AAX/AU/VST), and the Softube Time and Tone Bundle upon registration
  • Xcite+ software bundle

Regarding usability, this audio interface is very user-friendly, easy to set up, and incredibly powerful, which gives the user complete control over the final sound quality of his or her work. One of the most flexible audio interfaces on the market today, this option from Focusrite is still as durable and responsive as all of their other pieces of equipment that they have for sale. With two powerful preamps in this audio interface, any user will be able to control his or her sound and broadcast it to the world.

With multiple connectivity options, users won’t ever have to worry about how they will connect their gear or connect their audio interfaces to their computers. Using one-click configurations, it’s incredibly simple to monitor, track, and mix your sound and music quickly and without delay. Not only is this useful during the recording and creative process but it makes it very simple to play live shows and still have complete control over your sound. Combined with the one-click configuration, the incredibly low latency means that it’s effortless to control sound. Additionally, if you need more inputs and channels, you can easily connect these units to each other so that you have all of the connections necessary.

What We Like and Dislike About This Audio Interface


With twenty inputs and twenty outputs, you won’t ever have to worry about not having enough connections for all of your gear and equipment when you are performing. This will decrease the number of problems that you have connecting your necessary items.

The high-quality knobs have a very smooth motion when they are being turned, which means that you will not deal with jerky movements that will upset your sound quality while performing.

The setup is incredibly smooth, no matter if you are going to be in your home studio or performing.

These audio interfaces are incredibly quiet, which means that you won’t have to deal with any extraneous sounds or buzzing noises from the piece of equipment. This is ideal, especially if you’re going to be recording or performing quieter music and want to make sure that your fans can hear your notes without extra sounds in the music.


It is common to experience some latency issues with this audio interface if you are using it with your computer, which can be very frustrating for users looking to record.

This audio interface, although it is supposed to work with Windows computers, is not reliable and is much better used on a Mac.

Why We Feel That You Should Buy This Audio Interface

The best audio interface when using Ableton Live Performance is the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. (link to Amazon) From working in a home studio to playing live shows, users love how versatile and powerful this piece of equipment is. Gone are the days of dealing with significant problems with your equipment during setup, struggling with connections, or feeling as if you can’t control your sound quality easily. This audio interface is an investment in your future and the overall quality of your music. When you are looking for a piece of equipment that is as powerful as the software you are running, then this is your best option.

The simultaneous tracking interface means that you can have multiple inputs running at once and never have to worry about the quality of one being lower than the others. Because you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your sound, you will find that creating and mixing music is easier than it has ever been before. For a powerful audio interface that will exceed your expectations, this Focusrite is the best option on the market and one that any musician will be able to benefit from by buying.